The foundation is building to fund expansion of our work. 

We spent the first five years proving the practical feasibility of this approach.  This has included field research and facilitation, facilitating a community-owned strategy, learning what's really needed and what works.  Now it is time to build greater operational capacity at our pilot, and scale up to be able to help other regions. 

We have a plan to scale up that needs more funds and more people.  Please contact us if you are interested in offering support.  We will produce a year-end 2013 report and account for everything given from our first donation.

If you are interested in working for us, please also register your interest.  We hope to be taking additional people on board at the end of this year.  We are looking for people with significant western corporate operational innovation consulting experience, and those working in development now who want to work with the people they aim to help, rather than from above them.  None of us will relocate, but we need to be willing to spend at least six months of the year with our clients, away from family, staying in a guest house level of accommodation in Africa.  This can be broken up in different ways - it is a fabulous cross-cultural learning opportunity.

To comment or ask questions, please go to our associated blog, at  To ask about donation or employment opportunities, please e-mail Diana Gaumond, our Executive Director at  

If you are in Africa or another developing region, and want to know more about how this would work from your perspective, contact our regional Civil Society partner, the Kabarole Research and Resource Centre in Uganda.  Write to Julius Mwanga, its Executive Director, at: