SSD, dedicated to develop, find, install, and promote the innovations that achieve objective, inclusive, sustained development

We facilitate local leaders, practitioners and communities, to cohesively take charge of their own development ..

- develop and prioritise an evidence-based household focused strategy
- learn the collective capabilities needed to implement initiatives effectively
- communicate and manage this new holistic community-based approach

.. so all involved learn how to work together to make development successful within their own culture and for their own communities.

We defend this by helping everyone engaged from outside the region to reconfigure their inputs to align with local needs and emerging best practices

- national government
- the gathered multitude of international NGOs

- foreign government donors

In the spirit transparency and accountability, we will also build capacity to educate their donors – the taxpayers and citizens of developed countries.  They have funded relief and development aid for years wondering why the "development" part doesn't work!

All can share in the huge benefits of effectiveness and efficiency that come from supporting this breakthrough locally-based mechanism.  We estimate a given development result costs between 10% and 1% of its cost with current methods!